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Birthday Cake Protein Bars

This is a recipe that I've committed to memory because it is THAT good....and I wanted to share it with all of you because so many people have asked me about how to make them after posting them on my Instagram page.

My husband and I love these because of the protein content, and my kids love them because of the white chocolate chips and sprinkles. Okay, let's be real, I love them because of the sprinkles too! Haha, I especially love the little sugar sprinkles because of their gentle crunch which adds to the whole protein bar experience, in my opinion!

You can use any protein source that you prefer - I generally go with a plant based protein, but I have also tried it with a whey protein with good results. These Birthday Cake Protein Bars are very versatile and can be adjusted with different protein sources, nut butters, honey or agave or different sweetener that you prefer, white or chocolate or even butterscotch chips - there are tons of different options for you to make them into the flavor you are seeking! OH! and don't forget the sprinkles - endless opportunities in that department - especially around different holidays. I know that this year we will be using sprinkles for ALLLL of the special occasions!

It takes about 20-25 minutes of active time and well worth every second!



•2 cups ground oatmeal

•5 scoops VANILLA plant protein powder - or however many scoops it takes you to get around 50g of protein

•3/4c milk or nondairy milk alternative

•1/2c almond butter, or other nut butter

•2 tbsp honey or agave

•1/2 tsp vanilla

•pinch of salt

•1/2 c white or dark chocolate chips


I have found the most "birthday cake" flavor comes with vanilla protein, almond butter and white chocolate chips. But, again, you can substitute any variations of protein, nut butters, milk alternatives and flavored chips to get your desired flavor!


1️⃣In a medium sized pan over medium heat, combine milk, almond butter, honey, salt and vanilla. Stir constantly until fully melted and incorporated.

2️⃣Grind oatmeal and add to the pan - sometimes I do this step first so that I can add it into the pan right away.

3️⃣Add protein powder to the pan and mix it all thoroughly! It will start to be thick and stick use your muscles, Mama!

4️⃣Grease an 8x8 or 9x9 square baking pan (or any other version of a baking pan that will give you bars about half an inch thick) and add protein bar mixture and spread/press it out evenly.

5️⃣Place in freezer to chill momentarily.

6️⃣Wash and dry the pan that you used for the protein mixture, I'm all about single pan usage for all the jobs in my house, then return your cleaned pan to the stove and hit it with low heat - then add chocolate chips, stirring constantly until they're mostly melted, remove from heat and continue to stir to finish melting them. (Watch carefully because once they start to melt it goes quickly and you don't want burned chocolate, trust me!)

7️⃣Spread melted chocolate evenly over protein bars and add your sprinkles!!

8️⃣Return to the freezer for another 15-20 minutes for them to set completely...and then...

9️⃣slice them up into your desired size and ENJOY!!

I use a glass rectangle pan that is about 7"x11" and generally get 10-12 bars after slicing it evenly - but you decide how big is big enough! And no, I won't judge you if you think 1/4 of the pan is just the right size, we all gotta reach that protein goal for the day!


Leave me a comment and let me know if you tried these and which ingredients you went with! I would love to hear how they turn out and get some tips from YOU on what the next best flavor combo is!

All the Mom Love,


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