The Amazing Benefits of Foam Rolling

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

I've compiled a list of awesome benefits for your entire body system that come from Foam Rolling, or Self Myofascial Release (SMR). If you don't already incorporate this into your workout routine, I hope that after reading this you'll give it a shot! It really does have amazing health benefits!

Before we jump right into the juicy part, I want to chat about what the heck a foam roller even is, and the different types of them. There is a whole world of SMR products, so I don't want to get carried away into balls, massage sticks, massage canes, scraping therapy tools...etc...that would make this post entirely too long! Although I really love all of those things and use many of them, I just want to hone in on Foam Rolling because it is a tool that many people already have in their homes!

So, let us breakdown a couple of different styles of foam rollers and then we can talk about how great rolling is for you! Daily News has a great list of the top 5 foam rollers for 2021 and you can find their updated list here, it is great for deciding which roller is best suited for your needs.

For general rolling, I find that a High Density Foam Roller is great because it isn't too dense, is inexpensive and you can find them in different lengths from 12"-36". This is a great option for beginners!! This is the one that I use, it costs about $25.

For more of a higher intensity, deep tissue massage, a Grid Foam Roller or Deep Tissue Foam Roller is what you're going to reach for. These are the rollers that have a higher density material and have ridges or higher bumps sticking up on them, often in a grid-like pattern. They are great for really getting deep into those tight areas and pushing into the muscle to give that "deep tissue massage" feeling. It also can feel quite INTENSE...spoiler alert. Haha. Here is the one that is on my list of equipment to get!


Now...on to what you came here for!! Are you ready to have your mind blown with some #facts about SMR?! Brace yourself...haha...I know there is AT LEAST one that you didn't know...

Below I've got 5 Benefits of Foam Rolling for you. But please don't think this is all you get from Foam Rolling...there are SOOO many more benefits. But these are my top 5!

#1: Foam Rolling helps you recovery more quickly from your workouts!

For people that are exercising on a daily basis, the struggle doesn't come with getting the workout in - it comes with getting the proper recovery to even be able to keep trucking with the exercise schedule! In a study published in the Journal of Athletic Training that was done on "Foam Rolling for Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness and Recovery of Dynamic Performance Measures" found that muscle soreness was reduced, AND it improved dynamic performance measures. So not only are you reducing soreness but you're INCREASING your performance! Now this leads me to #2...


#2. You will be LESS SORE!

Unchecked muscle soreness can wreck havoc into your workout routine. Often times soreness is coupled with tight muscles - and trying to continue on without relieving these discomforts can lead to compromised muscle function...and INJURY. The same study that I mentioned in #1, found that rolling substantially improved muscle tenderness by a moderate to large amount in the days after initial fatigue. Which is huge for people that deal with large amounts of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) - or that soreness and tightness feeling you get within the day or two after you do exercise. This increase rate of recovery means that you are feeling more energized and ready to put out the full effort in your upcoming workout.


#3. Reduced arterial stiffness...

Know what this is?? It is how flexible the arteries in your heart are! Reduced flexibility and increased stiffening in the arteries of your heart contribute to increased chance of hea